Sunday: Haunted House!!

Sunday: Haunted House!!

Dear YRUU family –

This is it! It’s almost time for Haunted House 2018!! I’m excited to hear about it and see pictures!

Please keep in mind the shared drive for planning/lists/etc. Also, all the costumes/props/materials that were brought in last Sunday are locked securely in the closet in the Youth Room.

Gus and Aliya will be there for the early part of the set-up, Robin will be around too, and parents – I need to make one more ask. It will be a huge help if one of you can hang around during the party/Haunted House just in case. I would also ask to please consider coming in to help clean up a little when all is said and done. The youth have worked hard and Gus will be the only advisor able to stay right until clean-up. A few more hands is a big help!!

I am very sad that I will not be in town for this event, a highlight of every year! I know y’all will make an amazing Haunted House and will create awesome memories for the kids who go through it!

I leave on Saturday, if questions come up before then please feel free to email me – and it’s an excellent idea to include Robin on those emails as well, as she will be our go-to staff person for this year’s event!

Have fun!


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