Sunday Volunteers needed!

Sunday Volunteers needed!

Every Sunday that you come to service, you walk into UUCC to the smell of coffee brewing. There’s a table with lots of fun stickers to decorate your name tags; smiling faces greet you and ask you how you have been doing. You walk into the Sanctuary and pick up (or QR scan) the Order of Service, sit in a seat, chat with people around you. During service the chalice is lit and the bell rung. The microphones get turned on and off and the big screen shows images and videos. You may choose to give financially by placing money in the offering basket or write a joy or sorrow into the joys and sorrows book.

Have you ever thought about how all of those things: the coffee, the nametags and stickers, the Order of Service, the chalice, the bell, the sound, the projector screen, the offering basket and joys and sorrows basket, and many other things on Sunday mornings get set out, run, and maintained? The answer is not staff, though we do our best to help, but Volunteers. 

Volunteers are who make churches of all shapes and sizes, ours included, run. That is how your congregation whose membership is many hundreds strong, not to mention all of the other lives we touch, can function with only a staff of 6.

There are many ways to volunteer (with Children in Religious Education or the Food Insecurity Program or various other committees and teams), Sunday Morning Hospitality Team is only one facet. But it is a wonderful first step if you are new… or a step back if you are someone who has been involved for many years and would like to move into a calmer volunteer role. And volunteering on Sunday Mornings is a great way to meet new people, whether you are new to the community, returning, or a long-time member who would like to widen your UUCC circle.

We have jobs from making coffee, greeting people, ushering, and much more.  Many hands make light work, as they say, and we need many more hands!

Visit the Volunteer on Sundays page for more information or email Hannah with any questions [] and to get on the email distribution.


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