Superheroes Taking It Home for Oct 28th

Superheroes Taking It Home for Oct 28th

Dear Superheroes Families,

This Sunday, your children learned about UU Superhero Lydia Maria Child, an author who also inspired other UUs to preach against slavery. You can read more about her here:

The 9 am class re-enacted a conversation between Maria and Rev. Channing. The 11 am class worked on a children’s magazine, but ran out of time before they were able to publish the magazine.

Have a conversation with your children about slavery. While I was in the room, they appeared to have strong opinions!  Read the UU World article with them. Play Lydia Maria Child’s song, and learn it well enough to sing on your way to your Thanksgiving meal! Explore a children’s magazine together and talk about how different it might be from what they learned about Maria’s children’s magazine.


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