Take a Neighbor to Church and Find a Friend

Take a Neighbor to Church and Find a Friend

Seasoned Souls is beginning a new outreach program to UUCC members. Many of our people are living alone, not driving, hesitant to return to church. The program begins with matching those who do come to services on Sunday with those who do not, cannot, or need reassurance to come. Watching by Zoom is wonderful, but it isn’t the same as being there, chatting with friends new and old.

If you can give a ride to someone on some Sunday morning, please contact UUCC member Gail Thompson at gailmthom826@gmail.com. There are requests from Miller’s Grant, Vantage Point, and private homes. Gail will match you to someone near you requesting a ride. This is not an every week task, just when you plan to attend. You may find a new friend in the process.

The program also needs a coordinator to accept requests for rides and dispatch them to willing drivers.


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