Take It Home for January 20th

Take It Home for January 20th

Last Sunday, January 20th, we delved into ways that we can make a difference in Children’s Chapel. We heard about teens who made a difference for civil rights during the Time for All Ages (ALL HANDS ON DECK!), then downstairs, learned about how two groups of teens (one our own UUCC teens) made a difference in bullying at school. We finished by working on protest signs, and your children had amazing ideas about how they wanted to make a difference in the world. I hope you continue the conversation at home with them, and consider taking them to vigils and protests.

We have a #BlackLivesMatter vigil by the mall every 2nd Sunday.  We pack food for local elementary students who are food insecure every 2nd Sunday, taking turns with each class. You can help by picking up a food item for those bags or the Little Free Pantry outside OBIC each time you go to the grocery store. Here’s the list! We also pack bagged lunches for Manna House on the last Sunday of every month. UUCC is working hard on climate change issues. You can read more about that here.

If none of these options work for your family, pay attention to actions nationwide through the UUA’s Side with Love and the UU Service Committee. Both of those organizations work on issues that are important to Unitarian Universalists!

There are lots of ways, small and large, that we can make a difference!

Yours in faith,


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