Taking It Home Children’s Chapel Feb 24th

Taking It Home Children’s Chapel Feb 24th

On Sunday, during Children’s Chapel, we re-enacted the story of the Treasure Under the Bridge. The moral of the story is that you may have to travel far to understand the treasures you have within yourself. We also talked about how important Stewardship is to our congregation, and helped the children think of ways that they could be stewards for UUCC. They came up with lots of great ideas!

If your child came home with empty cards in their tin, or you weren’t there this past Sunday, February 24th, consider having a conversation with your child about how they might give time, talent, or treasure to the congregation. If you need suggestions for ways your children can participate, please talk to any staff member! We have lots of ways for your family to get involved!

Here’s a link for books about Stewardship and Generosity: https://www.uua.org/finance/fundraising/generosity/children/185476.shtml

And consider having your family participate in one of our Sunday teams, make sandwich lunches for the homeless, offering a talent for a worship service, volunteering in RE (we use middle school and high school students in most of our younger classes, and they are invaluable!), help with weeding and planting, and many more opportunities!

Have you made your pledge yet? RE depends on your generosity to purchase curriculum, train teachers, purchase supplies, pay your staff, and make sure we have adequate space for all our classes!


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