Taking It Home for Compass Points, December 9th

Taking It Home for Compass Points, December 9th

I’ve heard that many of our middle schoolers worked hard at the Warm Welcome Shelter on Saturday. Thanks so much for supporting them in learning how to care for our human family and those in need! I’m very proud that so many of our kids came out on a Saturday night to help!

This upcoming Sunday we’re back in class AND the group wants to present their poll results to the congregation. Posters are printed and ready to hang on Sunday. Several of your children committed to being available during coffee hour this Sunday. Please check in with them to make sure they are present if they promised to do so!

This week (December 16th) we’ll complete our look at the sources of our Unitarian Universalist faith and begin a look at the Jewish and Christian Bibles. If you have a bible at home that your middle schooler can bring to class for the next couple weeks, that would be great. They’ll be working on a bible scavenger hunt in teams, and this group is quite competitive!

Thanks for sharing your wonderful middle schoolers with us. They are so enthusiastic in class!

If you haven’t yet done so, please click here to sign up for snacks for the winter and spring! Each family will need to sign up at least two times to bring snack over the course of the year.


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