Taking It Home for Compass Points

Taking It Home for Compass Points

Dear Middle School Parents,

We had a rich discussion about the Bible this Sunday. Students looked up bible verses in at least four different versions of Christian bibles (King James, New Revised Standard, New English, and Good News). They were intrigued by the ways the language changed between different versions. We asked them to reflect on what they found interesting for each verse they looked up, and we moved around the room to answer whether we “know a lot about the bible” or not. They started strongly on “No”, but moved a teeny bit closer to “Yes” by the end of the class.

We’ll be looking at other sources of our living tradition faith over the next few classes. To learn more about the Sources of our Unitarian Universalist faith tradition, look here!

If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the results of the God survey that our middle schoolers implemented last month. This past Sunday, all the high schoolers (Quest and YRUU) took the survey, and I’ve added those results to our page: https://uucolumbia.net/ms-survey/ Have you talked about the survey and the results as a family?

No evening classes until January 6th! Please plan to join us for the annual holiday pageant this Sunday, December 23rd at 10 am, and the Christmas Eve service at 7 pm.

Yours in faith,



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