Taking It Home for Grade 4/5 – December 10th

Taking It Home for Grade 4/5 – December 10th

Wow did we pack a LOT of food. I am so proud of all your children who helped with our “We Got Your Back” Packing this past Sunday. They were careful, thorough, and worked hard all morning, accomplishing in one hour what normally takes two classes to finish.

Would you like to continue the process, either before or after, with your family? We’re always looking for help with all our food insecurities needs. There are easy tasks that the entire family can help complete, including restocking the Little Free Pantry that we built last year, emptying the little red wagons on Sunday after the second service (or Monday), shopping for our school needs, or delivering the bags after they are packed. You can sign up here:

Reminder: This Sunday, the 4th and 5th grade class will be attending the service. Your teachers through they would enjoy it as something different.

Classes will resume normally on Sunday, January 7th!


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