PreK Taking It Home for Sunday, March 31st

PreK Taking It Home for Sunday, March 31st

All the colors, as a rainbow appears when a storm cloud is touched by the sun. — “De Colores,” Hymn 305 in Singing the Living Tradition

IN SUNDAY’S SESSION . . . the theme was “We wonder about rainbows.” Rainbows are part of our natural world. Contact with the natural world is one of the 12 main types of experiences connected with natural religious development in young children, according to religious educator Sophia Fahs. In this session, the children shared their wonder about rainbows and found out more about them. We share our wonder together as part of our congregational community.

EXPLORE THE TOPIC TOGETHER . . . Read some of the books suggested for this session:

  • The Rainbow Book by Kate Ohrt, 2011. This book explores the relationship between colors and the sentiments they might inspire. Does yellow suggest happiness? Is blue peaceful? Each turn of the page reveals another color, leading to a bright rainbow of feelings.
  • A Rainbow of My Own by Don Freeman, 1978. A young child tries to catch a rainbow, outside and inside, in this enduring classic.
  • Ruby’s Rainbow, published by Grossett and Dunlap, 2012. Max and Ruby need something to do during a rainy day. Ruby decides to paint a rainbow for Grandma, while Max wants to play in the backyard. When Ruby has trouble remembering the colors of the rainbow, Max’s red boots, orange hat, and yellow raincoat give her all the right clues.
  • Extra Yarn by Mac Barnett, illustrated by Jon Klassen, 2012. This Caldecott Honor Book tells the story of how a young girl and her box of magical yarn transform a community.

EXTEND THE TOPIC TOGETHER. Try . . . making Rainbow Toast! See how it’s done in this video from Teach Preschool.

A Family Adventure. Place or hang a prism or crystal in a window through which sunlight shines. The prism or crystal will “throw” a magical light show of rainbow colors.

A Family Discovery. Make a musical Rainbow Connection by listening to music together. On YouTube, hear Joan Baez sing “De Colores.” Explore versions of the song “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” by Israel “IZ” KamakawiwoʻoleJudy GarlandCeltic Woman, and Leona Lewis. Which do you like best? Which make you feel like dancing?

A Family Ritual. When you are lucky enough to see a rainbow, take hands and say or sing these words from “De Colores,” Hymn 305 in Singing the Living Tradition:

All the colors, as a rainbow appears when a storm cloud is touched by the sun.

Y por eso los grandes amores de muchos colores me gustan a mi.

All the colors abound for the whole world around and for everyone under the sun.


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