Review the Covenant of Right Relations before this Sunday’s service!

Review the Covenant of Right Relations before this Sunday’s service!

In case you missed the notice in this past Sunday’s newsletter, not only is the first public draft of the Covenant of Right Relations (CRR) now ready for you to read, but Rev. Paige will be leading a service this Sunday, April 10 entitled “We Are What We Do.” The service will address the need for a Covenant of Right Relations. Everyone is invited to discuss the proposed covenant for UUCC in break-out sessions after service, either online or in-person. Please join us as we take this important step on our collective journey.

What is “right” for building and deepening relationship? In our beloved, ever-diversifying community, we covenant, we assume interpersonal trust, but that doesn’t preclude conflict and risk-taking. We enact right relations thought by thought, conversation by conversation, task by task, and project by project. We make meaning of what feels right in our beloved community. When we make hurtful mistakes, we can give each other the benefit of the doubt, try to understand, seek fairness and justice, apologize, and begin again in love. 

The draft Covenant of Right Relations can be found here.

Please note that the attached examples in the covenant are long. Be sure to read the first page carefully and then look at the examples to get a sense of what we document is providing — a good tool to help in handling uncomfortable communications and behaviors. There are six points of covenant followed by examples about how they might help create the beloved community we seek. Please take the time to read the whole thing, or just concentrate on the parts that seem meaningful to you.

We would welcome and encourage your comments and feedback. Please send your comments to:

In community,
Robin Hessey (Co-chair), Charles (Scotty) Scott (Co-chair), Ned Tillman, Mark Brooks, and Kevin Mercer (Board Liaison)


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