The Film ForUUm – Tues., July 17 at 7pm

The Film ForUUm – Tues., July 17 at 7pm

True Confessions (1981)
Presented by Margaret Gesell

Screen legends Robert DeNiro and Robert Duvall deliver riveting performances as siblings embroiled in a homicide that puts them against each other. A fictionalized account of the true but unsolved Black Dahlia case, this film noir builds to a stunning, thoroughly satisfying climax.  Detective Tom Spellacy (Duvall) and Father Desmond Spellacy (DeNiro) find their worlds colliding amidst a flurry of finger-pointing and public outcries over a scandalous, headline-making murder.  As Tom hunts down the killer, his investigation threatens to expose secrets that could ruin his brother — and rock the foundation of his beloved Catholic Church.  Based on the novel, ‘True Confessions’, by John Gregory Dunne, and stylishly directed by Ulu Grosbard.  The cast also includes Charles Durning, Burgess Meredith and Cyril Cusack.


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