The Food Insecurity Group

The Food Insecurity Group

The food insecurity group has been hard at work this summer.  We have added a new recipient and are quite excited that we will be reaching another demographic.

We will be providing food to “Food on the 15th” for seniors in Jessup and Ellicott City.  These are seniors whose social security checks run out mid month.  Food on the 15th is a grassroots Howard county group that has no paid staff or any internal expenses.  They exist to feed seniors and partner with schools, youth and now UUCC to provide hands on help and food.  Please let me know if you would like to help them distribute food.

The lists are very similar but with healthier cereal options and low sodium items.  See the Amazon wish list below.  You can order from Amazon or buy the same items elsewhere.

During difficult times it is wonderful to do something positive and with love.


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