The Heart Grows Fonder

The Heart Grows Fonder

They say, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder.”

I have known this to be true.

They also say, “Out of sight, out of mind.”

This also frequently is true for me.

These two adages often are set up as contradictions, and yet I regularly experience them as companion concepts. And as I anticipate taking a few weeks off from UUCC work (beginning July 12), I am expecting both of these things to be true.

In stepping away from the day-to-day tasks of ministry*, I will be less conscious of, and less attentive to, those activities that occupy much of my time and mental energy. In turn, there will be more available mental space for things that get less of my regular, sustained attention—things that will serve to replenish the stores of energy required to sustain a ministry.

For a time, UUCC will be out of my sight and out of my mind.

And also, I fully expect that in this time of separation from those day-to-day tasks, I will miss the precious relationships on which this ministry is built. Without the distraction of meetings and Google documents and Zoom screens, my mind will recall with renewed fondness each of your faces and your stories and the heart of the courageous, faithful, transformative congregation you have built and have trusted me to serve.

I have no doubt that in our time apart this summer, my heart will grow ever fonder of you.

I look forward to worshiping with you this Sunday, July 5, and then to wrapping up some planning tasks with staff and Board next week.

In the six weeks of my absence between July 12 and August 22, the Rev. Louise Green will be available for pastoral care, small group gatherings, and other support, working about 10 hours each week. Many of you know Louise, who is already a friend of UUCC—she’s a UU minister and has served for the past two years as Lead Organizer of PATH—People Acting Together in Howard. This summer, you may reach Louise at

I’ll be out of sight, and UUCC will be less present in my conscious mind this summer, but you remain always in my heart.

Be good to one another, UUCC. I look forward to sharing renewed energy with you again soon.


* worship planning; small group gatherings; strategy sessions and supervisory meetings with staff; Board meetings; fielding email and questions; visiting with individuals; equipping others with tools and encouragement; talking with interfaith partners and community leaders; supporting other clergy as mentor, chaplain, colleague; and other duties as needed.


  1. Elaine Pardoe

    Paige, you enjoy your time off and don’t spend TOO much time thinking about us! We’ll survive, and look forward to your return rested and refreshed.

    • Jim Alvey

      Knowing you will be getting some hard earned downtime is comforting. Hope to see you Sunday!

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