The Joy of Giving — Round 2

The Joy of Giving — Round 2

Many of you have experienced the joy of giving THE perfect gift to someone you care about.  

Last year, UUCC made it possible for the students of Cradlerock Elementary to experience the joy of giving. In December 2022, this congregation donated HUNDREDS of unwanted, unused items from your homes to Cradlerock Elementary’s Secret Shop, where they found new life as a treasured gift.

UUCC’s middle school and high school youth groups are collecting gifts on Sunday, December 10 to fill the shelves of the Secret Shop, and then staffing the shop at Cradlerock Elementary through the week — and they need your contributions!


The Secret Shop is an opportunity for students at Cradlerock Elementary to “shop” for holiday gifts for their loved ones using points they’ve earned in the month of December. It’s a way for the kids to experience the joy of giving without spending money.  

In 2021, UUCC’s Little Free Pantry volunteers sponsored a Secret Shop at Cradlerock Elementary. In 2022, UUCC’s youth took the lead! Everyone felt the joy of giving: from the young child who found the perfect pair of earrings for their parent to the UUCC teens who made the shop possible for the students.

What do I give?

Do you have unused items sitting around your house that could be the perfect gift for someone else? Maybe it’s a pair of fuzzy socks you were given but have never worn. Maybe it’s that candle you don’t think you’ll ever light. 

Bring it to OBIC on Sunday, December 10!  

Other items you can give are:  

  • Jewelry 
  • Holiday ornaments 
  • Toys 
  • Dish towels 
  • Picture frames 
  • Figurines 
  • Socks 
  • Toiletry items 
  • Hand lotion 
  • and more! Think: things that a kid would be excited to give a parent/sibling/relative. 

The shop would also love your brown and white paper bags. The students will decorate these bags and use them as gift bags to wrap their gifts.   

Thank you for spreading the joy of giving!


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