The Kindness of Others

The Kindness of Others

UUCC’s Free Little Pantry located outside the doors of the Owen Brown Interfaith Center

I had breakfast this week with someone I have known for many years, but I had never heard her full story. Her children are now grown — educated and professionals with children of their own. She shared that when her children were little they had all been in shelters, had eaten the same thing for weeks because it was cheap, and had her power turned off and only turned back on through the kindness of others. 

It made me reflect on the work we do at our Free Little Pantry.

The people who use the pantry probably have similar stories of hunger, insecurity, and poverty. Through the kindness of others (including all of us) I believe we ease their burden just a little.

If you are at all able, please make a one time contribution or set up a recurring contribution to support UUCC’s food insecurity effort. Use this link — — and select “food insecurity” from the drop-down menu and give what you can.

In community,
UUCC Member Cindy Williams on behalf of the Food Insecurity Team


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