The New UU Senior & Senior Singles Support Groups

The New UU Senior & Senior Singles Support Groups

The New UU Senior & Senior Singles Support Groups

Next UU Senior Support Group Meeting:  Senior Support Group; Mon. July 15th from 1-3pm (Conf. Room #150)

Monthly Schedule

Beginning May 20th, 1-3pm, the Monday Senior Singles Support Group is open to All Seniors, (50ish and above), whether single or partnered.

The Monday Senior Group meets the 1st and 3rd Mondays of the month from 1-3pm  (Conf. Rm. #150)
The Wednesday Senior Singles Group meets the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month from 7-9pm  (Music Room)

Feel free to attend one or both groups; attendance is never mandatory.  Join us when you are willing and able.

To emotional support, camaraderie, and personal growth.

Mark Gorkin, LICSW
Support Group Facilitator

Meeting Highlights and Schedule for the New UU Senior & Senior Singles Support Groups

Next Group Meeting:  Senior Support Group; Mon. July 1st from 1-3pm (Conf. Rm. 150)

Are you a single or partnered person over 50ish interested in a support group that openly discusses and learns from each other about the evolving life and emotional challenges of aging, such as partial or full retirement, health matters, family concerns, relationships and isolation, transitions, maintaining energy and mobility, agility and independence, etc.?  If so…

There are the new… UU Senior & Senior Singles Support Groups

Previous Group Meetings

Our tenth Monday afternoon group, Jun 3rd, had 7 participants; we welcomed our first “partnered senior”; and by the end of the meeting we had three males in the room – a first; topics covered feeling good and the difference in interactions when feeling positive or not; an inspiring story of grappling with a chronic medical condition through exercise and occasional grief; the challenge of balancing joy and sorrow; engaging with a problematic, “controlling” family situation when a sibling is the caregiver; the challenge of considering using a hearing aid – related to fighting another sign of aging (and maybe giving in to ego); useful info shared about not waiting to use hearing aids until it’s too late.

Our tenth Wednesday evening meeting, Jun 26th, had 9 participants; issues included sleep patterns and disturbances, (how a small change in schedule/pattern can be disruptive, staying up late on the computer, chronic insomnia, difficulty getting up in the am, etc.), exhaustion from pushing too hard/not recognizing limits; a thought-provoking friendship triangle and “protocol” when one (new) friend would like to get together without the other (old friend), sensitivity to person feeling excluded vs. all parties are adults; spring-boarding from a recent UU sermon, provocative issue at first incorrectly framed as “If there’s toxic masculinity, is there toxic femininity?”; correctly framed as effects of negative patriarchy; to what extent can the individual – males and females – not be defined by and push back against dysfunctional cultural/social/business norms?

And with interest in both afternoon and evening sessions, the Support Groups meet on the…

Senior Support Group:  1st and 3rd Mondays of the month from 1-3pm  (in Conf. Room  #150)
Senior Singles Support Group 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month from 7-9pm  (in the Music Room)

You can attend one or both (afternoon or evening) group sessions, and show up whenever you are able.  At present, the groups are scheduled for the next six months (through August).

If you haven’t yet attended, try to drop me an email about your interest in either the afternoon and/or evening groups.  Thanks.

Mark Gorkin

The group facilitator is UU Member, Mark Gorkin, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (also a senior and self-proclaimed Motivational Psychohumorist ™) author of Practice Safe StressThe Four Faces of Anger, Preserving Human Touch in a Hi-Tech World, and Fierce Longing…Fiery Loss:  Relearning to Live, Laugh, and Love.

So, if you are ready for some heartfelt and humorous group sharing, discovering new resources within and without… Check us out!!!

Questions:  Email Mark Gorkin,; 301-875-2567


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