The pandemic is over… or is it?

The pandemic is over… or is it?

UUCC’s Free Little Pantry located outside our Owen Brown Interfaith Center building

People are returning to work, kids are back in school, masks are optional but not everything is equal in the real world. Some jobs have been lost for good, kids are struggling, and many people are still facing financial challenges.

These people come to the Little Free Pantry for nutritional support.

The Little Free Pantry serves a wide range of cultures. Many of our visitors are regulars while some are first time visitors. They represent their families, neighbors, and friends. They always express their appreciation. No one is there because of greed.

The Food Insecurity volunteers need your help. The Little Free Pantry is serviced daily by our dedicated volunteers plus we secure fresh produce and bakery products 3 times a week from a local retailer.

Donations can be delivered to the little red wagon in the lobby on Sunday mornings, shipped by AmazonSmile to UUCC, or you can make a financial contribution to UUCC with a note for Food Insecurity. Everything supports our UUCC community.

Thank you for your support.

UUCC Members Margaret & David Hegmann


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