The Week Ahead

The Week Ahead

Dec 9       Sunday

10:00 am: Worship Service, Re Classes, & Nursery Care
11:00 am: Chalice Lights Choir Rehearsal
11:15 am: Coffee Hour
11:30 am: Get Connected 
11:30 am: Endowment Board Meeting
11:30 am: Karuna Committee Meeting
4:00 pm: Black Lives Monthly Vigil

Dec 10       Monday

7:00 pm: Socrates Café

Dec 11       Tuesday

11:30 am: Deep Listening Meditation Group
2:00 pm: Day Time Adult Games Group
7:00 pm: Meditation Group
7:00 pm: Board of Trustees Meeting

Dec 12       Wednesday   

7:00 pm: Mid-Week Martial Arts Lessons

Dec 13        Thursday

12:00 pm: Holiday Luncheon
7:00 pm: Chalice Choir Rehearsal

Dec 14         Friday

6:00 pm: UUs Flying Solo
6:30 pm: Sandy Hook Vigil
7:00 pm: Friday Martial Arts Lessons

Dec 15        Saturday

8:00 am: Saturday Morning Reflections (Recovery Group)
7:00 pm: Tongue in Cheek sings at One World Coffeehouse

Dec 16        Sunday

10:00 am: Worship ServiceRe Classes, & Nursery Care
11:15 am: Coffee Hour
11:30 am: 1Hr. Membership Session w/ Paige
5:00 pm: Drop in Reflection Circle
5:00 pm: Oakland Mills High School Classical Concert for Kids

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