The Week Ahead

The Week Ahead

Check below to see what’s coming up next week! Please click on each event for more information.

Sunday, November 27

10:00 am: Worship Service
After Service: ūüéĄChristmas Tree Decorating Party¬†
After Service: Coffee Hour
11:00 am: Bookstore
11:30 am: Youth Gathering

Monday, November 28

10:00 am: Monday Morning Reflection Group
1:30 pm: Meal Service at Grassroots Day Resource Center
7:00 pm: UU Seniors Support Group

Tuesday, November 29

4:45 pm: Monthly Endowment Board Meeting
7:00 pm: Tuesday Night Meditation

Wednesday, November 30

6:30 pm: Wednesday Wellspring Sources Group

Thursday, December 1

6:00 pm: UU’s Flying Solo Monthly Potluck Meeting
7:00 pm: One World Coffeehouse Team Meeting
7:00 pm: CORE Team Meeting
7:00 pm: Chalice Choir Rehearsal

Friday, December 2

6:00 pm: Men’s Breakfast Group
7:30 pm: Nourishing Garden Launch

Saturday, December 3

5:30 pm: Board Game & Potluck Night
5:30 pm: LGBTQ+ Board Game & Potluck Night
7:00 pm: Chalice Concert: Tapestry: The Return of Patagonia Winds

Sunday, December 4

10:00 am: Worship Service
During Service: Religious Education
After Service: Coffee Hour
11:00 am: Bookstore
11:30 am: Youth Gathering
11:30 am: Dao Forum–Interfaith Dialogue
11:30 am: Caring Congregation Workshop Follow-Up (In Person)
11:30 am: Newcomer Snack-luck
12:00 pm: OWL for grades K/1
2:00 pm: UUCC Staff appreciation hosted by BOT
4:00 pm: Compass Points for 6th and 7th grade


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