The Week Ahead

The Week Ahead

Check below to see what’s coming up next week! Please click on each event for more information.

Sunday, May 28

Annual Rocky Gap Camping Trip
10:00 am: Worship Service
After Service: Coffee Hour
After Service: Values, Missions, and Ends feedback session
11:00 am: Bookstore
11:30 am: Newcomers Class Series

Monday, May 29

Annual Rocky Gap Camping Trip

Tuesday, May 30

5:30pm: Budget Info Session
7:00 pm: Tuesday Night Meditation
7:00 pm: Women’s Retreat Planning Meeting

Wednesday, May 31

No events.

Thursday, June 1

5:30 pm: Budget Info Session
6:00 pm: Joyful Gatherings Group
7:00 pm: One World Coffeehouse Team Meeting

Friday, June 2

10:00 am: Men’s Breakfast Group

Saturday, June 3

5:30 pm: Board Game & Potluck Night

Sunday, June 4

10:00 am: Worship Service
During Service: Religious Education Classes
After Service: Coffee Hour
11:00 am: Bookstore
11:30 am: Youth Gathering
11:30 am: Newcomers Class
11:30 am: Worship Associates Team Meeting
5:30 pm: Annual Meeting Potluck 2023
6:30 pm: Annual Meeting 


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