This Sunday: Bring Your Credo!

This Sunday: Bring Your Credo!

Dear YRUU families –

A reminder that YRUU will meet this Sunday, February 10 from 5 – 7 p.m. in Sanctuary B as per usual. Reminder to youth that last meeting we decided we would bring our old credo statements and review them/talk about them/revisit our ideas then and now! We’ll tie this into further worship planning as we’ll be one month out from our worship service! Bring those ideas you starting thinking about last time or new ones that have come up! (And of course, if you can’t find your credo – or if you never wrote one – or if you have no idea what I’m talking about – come anyway! We’ll explore our ideas about what is important to us, and how that changes over time.)

Also: bring your ideas for climate justice activities that we can do as a group, or as guides with our younger UUCC members, this spring!

1. Registration for UU-UNO Intergenerational Spring Seminar closes February 25! If YRUU students would like to attend this weekend in New York City – this year focused on the theme of gender equity, please let Jen or Robin know! (Robin can go as a chaperone this year, but we need to know how many youth are planning to attend.)

2. The Youth Ministry Revival, a nationwide gathering of high-school age UUs, will take place at Cedar Lane UU in Bethesda on March 1-3. Remember if some of you would like to go, you’ll need to ask around for an adult to be your sponsor! Jen can help you with this.

3. We are holding another High School OWL weekend on April 26-27 right here at UUCC. (No link because we don’t have a registration page yet – coming soon!)

Please let Jen know if you have any questions, or bring them with you Sunday night! Hope to see you then!


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