This Sunday: Bring Your Haunted House Items!

This Sunday: Bring Your Haunted House Items!

Dear YRUU family –

We are approaching our last meeting before this year’s Haunted House! I’m super excited to see how much energy is going into this and I am super bummed I am out of town for it. That’s right – unfortunately I will be traveling for school and will not be here for this year’s Haunted House and Halloween Party.

So students – please make sure you have all your supplies and are using the shared Google Drive folder to communicate about what we have and don’t have. (If you didn’t get an invitation to the folder, please email Jen and let her know, she will add you.)

And parents – our dedicated advisors don’t have full availability for Sunday the 28th. If one or two of you would be willing to hang out during the set-up and take-down, starting around 3:00 p.m., that would be amazing! (Again, please shoot me an email if you can help out.)

Thank you all for all that you do! I know this is going to be another fantastic Haunted House – take lots of pictures for me!!


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