This Sunday: National Museum of the American Indian

This Sunday: National Museum of the American Indian

Dear YRUU families –

By now you should have received an email from Signup Genius about our field trip to the National Museum of the American Indian on this coming Sunday, January 28.

We’ll gather at 9 a.m. in the UUCC lobby and drive to D.C. Right now Gus and Matt and I are driving – if we have more than 15 students register we’ll need an additional parent volunteer to come along. PLEASE visit the signup page here – we require an accurate head-count!

I have a permission slip on file for youth events for the vast majority of our YRUU members, but will send copies to parents of youth for whom I do not have one on file.

Please make sure I have a phone number for each youth on the trip and for parents too! And the cost of the trip is $10 plus money for lunch at the museum cafe.

If you have questions, ideas, etc. please don’t hesitate to contact Jen! Thank you!


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