Tonight at 7:30 pm! UUCC the Vote Refresher

Tonight at 7:30 pm! UUCC the Vote Refresher

Trying to decide between UU the Vote letters, cards and phone banks? Too many options on our webpage?  Not quite sure how much time and effort is involved or how to get involved?

Get your questions answered in a brief refresher about the current UU The Vote activities tonight at 7:30 pm!

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We welcome new (and returning) volunteers for all of our UUCC the Vote opportunities, such as:

  • Downloading and sending get-out-the-vote letters for key states with Vote Forward.
  • Writing bilingual post cards to help prevent Texas voters from being purged.
  • Scheduled Phone Banks for Virginia and Pennsylvania mail-in registration in August.

Questions?  Want more info?

For more information, please check or contact UUCC member Ken Crandell at


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