Travel Information for Basilica trip

Travel Information for Basilica trip

Info for drivers to the Baltimore Basilica:
Below are directions and information on parking. Google maps says it will take 30-35 minutes to drive. We should plan to meet at OBIC at 2 pm in order to leave enough time to drive, park, and find the tour guide by 3 pm.

A note from our hosts about mass:
Because your group is from a different faith tradition, please note that as Catholics we believe that the celebration of the Eucharist is a sign of the reality of oneness in faith, life, and worship, and therefore Holy Communion is reserved for fully practicing Catholics in good standing with the Church.  While we cannot admit non Catholics to Holy Communion we ask you to offer your prayers for peace and unity of the human family as you remain seated.  Please feel welcome to visit the following link for a more in depth explanation of Holy Communion from our United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

Info on where to meet at the Basilica: During spring, summer, and fall, tours will begin in front of the gift shop, which is the red brick building next to the church. You will see benches and a sign that says “TOUR STARTS HERE.” When the weather is inclement, and during the winter months, tours will begin in the back of the church (by the Jesuit Seal in the floor) at the southwest corner. In other words, if you do not see the “TOUR STARTS HERE” sign in front of the gift shop, please go inside the church to meet your guide.

Map & Directions


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