Trust & Reconciliation Committee

Trust & Reconciliation Committee

The Trust & Reconciliation Committee (TRC) includes: Laurie Coltri (chair), Laurie Alderman, Jill Christianson, Liam Estell, Suzi Gerb, Alice Pham, Becky Reese, Phil Webster, and Jim Johnston (Board Liaison).  

Our committee was formed by the Board of Trustees to respond to what some call “troubles” or “problems” and others might call “conflict” or “discord” within our congregation.  There are many perspectives on what, exactly, these troubles are about, but people can agree that they feel disappointed and sad about how they are affecting our community.

The TRC’s purpose is to diagnose these troubles and to pass our diagnosis, with recommendations for healing, along to the Board.  We see our task as promoting UUCC’s basic mission to create and sustain a safe, nurturing and welcoming spiritual community.

For the Board’s charge to the TRC, click here.  To contact the committee, use our email address,

This page will be updated as needed – please plan to check back here frequently for developments. 

Listening Initiative

Beginning in November, the TRC began one-on-one listening sessions for anyone impacted by or concerned about these troubles.  As of mid-December, we have heard from nearly 60 people.  We aim to make these listening sessions convenient and comfortable and try to accommodate wishes for how to communicate.  Of course the pandemic affects how we handle these sessions; most have been held on Zoom.

It’s vital that we also hear from YOU – if you have felt impacted by the troubles, or are concerned about how to make things better.  Our aim is to offer you sacred space, unimpeded, to share your voice in one-on-one listening sessions with a member of our committee.  We will not argue, debate, judge, criticize, offer opinions, or try to persuade.  The purpose is to listen deeply to you.  Many participants have warmly expressed their appreciation for the experience of being deeply listened to.

To sign up for a listening session, use this registration form.  We will contact you to set up your session.  The deadline to sign up is Sunday, January 17, 2021.  For more information about the listening initiative, browse our Frequently Asked Questions.