Contribute to UUCC’s Tree of Life Mosaic

Contribute to UUCC’s Tree of Life Mosaic

At worship on Sunday, July 23, members of UUCC’s Creativity Circle will be exploring the connections between creativity and spirituality. Inspired by this service, they are collecting bits and pieces to create a UUCC Tree of Life Mosaic.

Please take a little time to think about something small, something that says a little about you, that you would like to contribute to UUCC’s Mosaic. These things could include broken ceramics, jewelry, glass, and stone, but we’d like them to be personal, like the cork from the bottle of wine you shared on your first date with your spouse, a key to the door of your beloved childhood home, a toy that was a favorite of your sweet kitty cat, the stamp from a postcard you got from a loved one, a shell from the beach of your relaxing vacation home, etc. Use your imagination!

We’ll have a collection box for everyone’s items for several Sundays thru mid-September — when you give us your item, please also include a few words about the significance of the object to you. We’d like this tree to be big and beautiful, representing ALL of us, so think about what you would like to contribute to represent your heart and spirit.


  1. Inge Hyder

    Since these are treasured and personal items, how will they be displayed and then returned to the owners?

  2. Melissa Affolter

    Hi Inge. Thank you so much for asking, I apologize that I didn’t make it clear in my original post. These items will not be returned, they will be a permanent part of this project that will be kept at OBIC. So please don’t donate anything that you couldn’t bear to part with. Thank again for asking!

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