Unsung Heroes, Thanksgiving 2018

Unsung Heroes, Thanksgiving 2018

You. You are UUCC. You, collectively. And you, very specifically.

You who show up week after week to share of your gifts with other members of our UUCC community. You who volunteer your time to keep the institution running. You who bring ideas and the energy to implement them. You who believe in the value of this religious community and are invested in its health and sustainability.

You offer your creativity, your physical labor, your patience, your impatience, your attention to detail, your passion for contributing to the good of the whole… You are UUCC.

And we, your paid staff, are privileged to work alongside you. On this Thanksgiving Day, we offer specific thanks to ten individual volunteers (one for each staff member!) who make a real difference in the life of UUCC, but whose contributions may go unnoticed by most members of the congregation. These are not our only Unsung Heroes, but they are specific examples of the myriad ways that members contribute to the beautiful tapestry of our congregation.

Thank you, all.

Ann Wing (‘the constant gardener’) for the quiet grace with which she lovingly tends to the grounds that surround UUCC; her gentle and soulful presence among the plants is a meditation that is a gift to behold.

Ashley Briggs is one of our amazing religious education (RE) volunteers; she works faithfully with our fourth and fifth grade class almost every Sunday, takes the time to think about the lesson and make it really special … she’s amazing!

Ginny Proctor for being so diligent with the food pantry and jumping in head first as a new member and getting involved.

Gus Larsson gives generously and good-naturedly of his time and energy to our high school youth week after week, for three years now!

John McDermott keeps 4th Sunday attendees happy (and properly caffeinated) by staffing the coffee/tea station on Sunday mornings.

Lily Bonilla is a middle-schooler who shows up consistently on Sunday mornings to help with some of the youngest children in our UUCC family, sitting on the floor with them in worship, assisting in their Pre-K class, modeling how cool it is to be a UU, and becoming one of the littles’ favorite big kids!

Linda Uphoff, for assuming the coordination of the Chalice Concert Series receptions for the last 2 years; Linda (along with her stalwart choir volunteers) has generously, graciously AND capably continued to maintain the wonderful atmosphere and food that the receptions are known for!

Lindsay Lukas, who enters UUCC’s checks into our database with care and discretion week after week.

Tom Monroe adds so very much to the music in our services and jazz concerts, composing, and playing saxophone, flute and piano with great musicianship and a wonderfully generous spirit.

Trish Steinhilber, who for several years now has made time in her life to spend her summers as our lead RE teacher; she is an exceptional educator, advocate for our children, and friend.

With affection and deep appreciation,
Paige, with Amanda, Anthony, Hannah, Jen, Kelli, Maureen, Michael, Robin, and Tom


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