Update from the Climate Crisis Team

Update from the Climate Crisis Team

The Climate Crisis Team’s topic for February was youth. Today’s youth will be much more affected than adults by climate change.  During the month, we interviewed YRUUs to find out how they feel about climate change. They expressed both discouragement about the current state of the climate and hope that their generation can implement the changes necessary for human survival.  

UUCC children created works of art about the environment and climate change and why it is important to them. These artworks were created  as part of the UU Legislative Ministry of Maryland’s (UULMD-MD) project called “UU Kids for a Livable Planet”. The art was the subject of a video created by UULM-MD. The video was shown during UUCC’s “Environmental Human Rights” worship service on February 20th. Other congregations around the state are also participating.

The video was also shown at part of UULM-MD’s testimony supporting the Environmental Human Rights Amendment (House Bill 596) before the Environment and Transportation Committee during the bill’s public hearing. Lawmakers were very impressed and expressed thanks for those who brought the voices of our youth into the public square. If you have not seen this video, please take a look below. Our kids are amazing!!  

On February 26th, we worked with our UUCC young adults at the Community Ecology Institute at Freetown Farm. We will continue volunteering at Freetown Farm on the 4th Saturday of each month to support environmental justice projects. Please join us on March 26th! Contact UUCC Member Mary.Rodgers@me.com for more details.


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