Trust & Reconciliation Committee Update

Trust & Reconciliation Committee Update

The Trust & Reconciliation Committee (TRC) is working to finalize its report to the Board, after listening to 89 members of our UUCC community.  We can finally report considerable progress.  It has taken time, and occasional struggle, to clarify the nuanced, diverse perspectives, and the common ground, held by our passionate and caring congregation.  We are indebted to our courageous and big-hearted volunteers who offered their thoughts, concerns, and feelings in our listening sessions.  One of the most universal comments we heard from our speakers was a passionate commitment to the well-being of our congregation.

On Tuesday, May 11, the TRC will present its recommendations to the Board at its regular meeting at 6:30pm.  We anticipate the full written report later in May.

We wish peace, health and justice to all,
Laurie Coltri, on behalf of the TRC


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