Update from the Trust & Reconciliation Committee

Update from the Trust & Reconciliation Committee

The Trust and Reconciliation Committee was convened by the Board of Trustees in September 2020 to diagnose recent troubles (some call it conflict; and others, discord or communication problems) within the congregation.  (The more-recently-convened “Beloved Community” Committee is a different group with different objectives.)

Our committee members, who bring diverse wisdom, skills, and perspectives to the task, are united in our mutual love for UUCC and our wish to see it inclusive, nurturant and thriving; and in our strong commitment to helping to bring about these ends.

A centerpiece of the committee’s efforts has been our active listening sessions with those congregants who volunteered to come talk to us and share their concerns and perspectives. A total of 89 volunteers came forward to speak to us; we are so very grateful for their participation. This phase is now finished.

Our next step is to synthesize what we heard, diagnose the situation, and create recommendations for UUCC.  This diagnosis will not contain details of individual conversations, but instead, will focus on themes that emerged in the sessions which are most relevant to the diagnostic process and healing.  We are mindful that the sample we listened to is self-selected, and because of that, we will not draw quantitative conclusions from the listening sessions.

Over the next 1-2 months, we will provide our diagnosis, with recommendations, to the Board of Trustees.  Details of the Board’s charge to the committee can be found on the Trust & Reconciliation Committee webpage on the UUCC website under “GET INVOLVED” / “GOVERNANCE” / “TRUST AND RECONCILIATION COMMITTEE.” Click to view. 


  1. Pat Jeidel

    I hope the Reconciliation Committee shares the same information about the conversations with the congregation that it will give to the BOD…in the interest of transparency and democracy at UUCC.

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