Update your account in UUCC’s database

Update your account in UUCC’s database

Realm is UUCC’s eco-friendly directory.

Rather than printing out a book every couple of years that goes out of date the moment a member moves, we have this online database that can constantly be updated by you! Any time your information changes, you can log in and make edits to your Realm account, this way when UUCC staff or members need to email, call, or snail mail you, they can send it to the correct place.

Please remember to log in once in awhile, check your information, confirm your pledge amount and payments, and look at UUCC’s Community Connections group (more about that below).

Never accessed Realm before?

Realm is free and you likely already have an account! You just need to create a password, log in, and check your information to make sure it is accurate. You can do that by going to https://onrealm.org/UUColumbia, click “sign in”, and then click “forgot password”. It will email you a link and you can follow those prompts to create a password.

If this does not work, email Hannah at hannah@UUColumbia.net. 

Use it to be connected with UUCC

UUCC also uses Realm for sign ups to events and groups such as reflection groups, as well as communications with the whole congregation!

We have a group called Community Connections on Realm that many members use to have conversations from informing the group about community events, asking for recommendations, to looking for rides to service. You can click on the button below to join!

Use it to manage your giving

You can also view your giving history and see how much you are pledging, past payments, and other such things.


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