UU The Vote: Delaware Alert – For the People Act

UU The Vote: Delaware Alert – For the People Act

The struggle to defend democracy and fight voter suppression is at a critical juncture.  The two most important bills (HR1/S1 For the People Act and HR4 John Lewis Voting Rights Act) may get initial votes as soon as this week.  

Both Senators Coons (202-224-5042) and Carper (202-224-2441) from neighboring Delaware (plus Manchin of WV) are now wavering about the filibuster, which will be a prerequisite to passing HR1/S1 and HR4.  

Please contact anyone you know who lives in Delaware (or WV) and ask them to call their Senators this week. (For more background & to be connected, they can call 877-684-7760.)  

If you don’t know anyone in Delaware (or West Virginia), please call our Senators Cardin (410-962-4436) and Van Hollen (202-224-4654) and express your support for S1, HR4 and reforming the filibuster. If you want to participate in a local event, every Friday in August, there will be a “For the People Act” Rally at the Gorman Road Overpass at 3:30-5:30pm.  This week they invited an exiled representative from the Texas legislature to join.


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