UU The Vote is coming to UUCC!

UU The Vote is coming to UUCC!

At last night’s UU the Vote organizational meeting, we decided to go forward with UUCC the Vote!  Thank you to those that helped organize and those that participated in this meeting!  See presentation here.

Following the UUA’s model, we will start with three areas of work:

  • Voter Registration & Mobilization
  • Election Protection: Countering Voter Suppression
  • Values-Based Issue Conversations & Advocacy

Over the next few weeks, we’ll sort through a multitude of options, so we can identify specific concrete and effective ways you can participate.

First, during physical distancing, we plan to work with established partner organizations, and reach prospective voters by writing cards and/or making phone calls.

If you’d like to know more, check the new UUCC the Vote webpage or UUA’s UU the Vote webpage, and especially the Toolkit.

If you have questions, want to help plan our next steps, or get on our list of interested members and friends, please contact kencrandell1@gmail.com or UUCCTheVote@gmail.com.


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