UUCC Bookstore Under New Management

UUCC Bookstore Under New Management

A big thank you to Eileen McIntire for running the UUCC Bookstore for the past 12 years!

UUCC Member Eileen McIntire has been running the bookstore in Sanctuary B on Sunday mornings for an amazing 12 years and is ready to move on to bigger and better things. Her daughter, Lorien, has volunteered to pick up the ropes. The bookstore is currently closed for the summer, but keep your eyes open for some new things when we reopen on Sunday morning, September 11.

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  1. John Guy

    Thank you Eileen McIntire for your devoted attention to feeding the UUCC intellectual curiosity and thirst for faith development for lo these last dozen years. And of course books on paper are still a viable force for educating and informing our community no matter how much the world of digital grows exponentially . And thank you Lorien for stepping into your Mother’s shoes. We are grateful for you ,too . Regards John Guy

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