UUCC Little Pantry Now Accepting Fresh Produce

UUCC Little Pantry Now Accepting Fresh Produce

We on the Food Insecurity Committee are trying something new this summer. In the spirit of providing healthier and fresher food options to those in need in our community, we have now placed a third pantry box adjacent to the others. The box and its stand have been thoughtfully designed by Dave Hegmann and expertly crafted by Ted Nolan to keep out rain and animals and to provide ventilation to the produce. We continue to see a high turnover of donations in the other two boxes and anticipate the same with this box. Our volunteers are adding this box to their daily management duties and will remove anything that appears unsanitary. If things go well, we plan to make it available to the community from mid-April to mid-October every year.

So gardeners, stop trying to pawn off your surplus zucchini and tomatoes on your friends and neighbors and bring them to our produce pantry instead! And shoppers, your purchased donations are most welcome and appreciated also! Please NO berries, peaches, nectarines or any overripe produce.  Place smaller produce such as green beans and pea pods in portioned bags.

THANK YOU to Margaret Hegmann whose inspiration this was, to Dave and Ted, and to Rachel Polon for painting and decorating the pantry.

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