UUCC Store Happenings — 2/20/24

UUCC Store Happenings — 2/20/24

The UUCC Store works hard to offer relevant books from discussion groups and services past and upcoming. We get a very good discount from UUA publishers Beacon Press and Skinner House. With that we can offer new titles to you for less than the cover or online price and still make a profit toward the UUCC budget. You’ll find a wide variety of new books on our tables each Sunday.

Unfortunately, we don’t have such a deal with other publishers. With most new books, you’ll get a much better deal directly online or from your favorite hometown bookstore. Or the library, of course. If you need help locating a book, feel free to stop by and chat with Lorien at the Store. We might even have a used copy available! Remember, all used books are always the low, low price of $1 for a paperback and $2 for a hardcover. Stop by on Sunday!


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