UUCC Store Reopens Sunday, January 7

UUCC Store Reopens Sunday, January 7

After a brief holiday, the UUCC Store will reopen this Sunday, January 7, 2024!

The Store was originally founded by Eileen McIntire as a resource for members and visitors as well as a small moneymaking venture to supplement UUCC’s budget. Eileen’s daughter, Lorien Haavik, has cheerfully inherited the job.

The Store aims to be open during coffee hour after the worship service every Sunday. All proceeds go directly to UUCC, with 80% commission for books and works created by UUCC folks. Donations of used books and puzzles are always accepted and sell for $1 per paperback, $2 per hardcover, and $3 per puzzle. New books are priced to allow for a small profit for UUCC while attempting to stay under Amazon prices.

Stop by our little area in Sanctuary B to find all kinds of fun things!


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