UUCC the Vote: Election Day & Beyond

UUCC the Vote: Election Day & Beyond

Election Protection – November 3 & Beyond

There is a fair amount of concern that there may be significant attempts to disrupt or suppress voting on Election Day, and beyond.  The Supreme Court decision to strike down the pre-clearance section of the Voting Rights Act eviscerated the protections from the entire Act.  This article in The Atlantic provides background about potential concerns about nefarious Election Day operations.   

Election Day

On Election Day, there are three main roles to consider for election protection: poll worker, poll watcher, and election defender.

  1. Work as an election judge (poll worker).  On Oct 2, Howard County filled the last of its election judge positions and is no longer seeking poll workers. Baltimore City still has openings. Registered Maryland voters may serve (you do not have to be a Baltimore City resident) provided they meet the other minimum qualifications and complete the training.  For more information, visit https://boe.baltimorecity.gov/boe-election-judges.
  2. Be a poll watcher/challenger (observer). Citizens registered to vote in Maryland can serve as poll watchers in Maryland if they are affiliated with a group (any group). Here is more detailed information from the Maryland Board Of Elections website: https://www.elections.maryland.gov/pdf/Challenger_and_Watchers_Manual.pdf.
  3. Become an election defender. Support people who are in line to vote (provide PPE or water), or help prevent voter suppression or voter intimidation efforts outside the polls. There are innumerable partisan and non-partisan organizations with which you may volunteer. Many include training for both home-state and nationwide actions. Sign up & receive info specific to your zip code. Share websites with friends and family in strategic states!
    • Frontline:  UU the Vote’s national campaign – partnering with The Frontline’s Election Defenders
    • Protect The Vote: National & non-partisan Common Cause campaign with 75+ partners including 350.org, League of Women Voters, Sojourners, and Wisconsin Voices.
    • Protect The Results: Joint campaign of Indivisible & Stand Up America. 100+ partners including CASA in Action, Planned Parenthood,  National LGBTQ Task Force, Union of Concerned Scientists, and Women’s March.

After the Election

The UUCC the Vote team is still researching what support may be needed after Election Day – ensuring ballots are counted, etc.  If you want to learn more or get on our alert/notification list (should we need to mobilize after the election), please contact UUCC Member Ken Crandell: kencrandell1@gmail.com.


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