UUCC the Vote: Phone Banking Opportunities

UUCC the Vote: Phone Banking Opportunities

UU the Vote has already made 1.3 million voter contacts nationally!  Join us as we push ahead to the 2 million mark.  Here are UU the Vote actions (and partners) for this week. Check out our “Phone Banking is Easy” information at the bottom of this post, and choose the one(s) that work for you! 

Upcoming Phone Banking Opportunities

Text Banks

Additional Actions in Additional States


Please email melaniemilner@yahoo.com.

Phone Banking is Easy

Question: Isn’t phone banking intimidating?

Answer: No! Not at all. Before a phone bank, you’ll receive an exact script to read. Then, an app will automate the calls for you. Since many people screen their calls, the majority of what you’ll be doing is leaving voicemails with voter information. These are non-partisan phone banks, so you’ll simply be providing voters with information on voting access and resources to ensure their voice is heard. These are NOT “sales calls”.  Several of the UUCC the Vote members were very anxious about phone banking, but found them to be easy and informative! We hope to see you at our next phone bank!


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