UUCC the Vote: Phone & Text Banks, Election Day Protection & Beyond

UUCC the Vote: Phone & Text Banks, Election Day Protection & Beyond

By the end of next week, we’ll complete all of our post card and letter writing campaigns! (Vote Forward letters should be mailed October 17). UUCCers have written over 11,000 cards and letters!

Phone & Text Banks

Our main focus from now until the election is Phone Banks and Text Banks. Both have proven to be effective methods to reach voters, so we hope you’ll consider joining one – especially if you have never tried it before or if is out of your comfort zone. TRAINING IS PROVIDED! Most phone and text banking slots are 2 to 4 hours, including training.

There will be multiple days and times to choose from, choice of texting and phoning, and choice of swing states to contact. Calls either provide voting information or encourage registered voters to vote. Calls are non-partisan, and you will not be trying to “sell” anything or promote any candidate. Please check our UUCC webpage, which we will update weekly: https://uucolumbia.net/uucc-the-vote-phone-banking-opportunities/.

The upcoming events are:

Election Day Support

If you are interested in providing support on Election Day, there are three options:

  • Poll worker
  • Poll watcher, and
  • Election defender

More information will be posted next week in the LINK and on https://uucolumbia.net/uucc-uu-the-vote/.

After the Election

We are currently researching what support may be needed after Election Day – ensuring ballots are counted, etc. If you have ideas or want to help, please contact UUCC Member Ken Crandell: kencrandell1@gmail.com.


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