UUCC the Vote Progress Update

UUCC the Vote Progress Update

Thanks to all who attended and participated in this past Sunday’s UUCC the Vote worship service. During the service, we heard about the accomplishments of our collective UUCC the Vote efforts, but wanted to lift up this important work again for those that missed the service or didn’t catch it all.

In the past four months, together at UUCC we have:

  • Written over 9,600 post cards with the NAACP’s Reclaim Our Vote anti-voter-suppression projects in North Carolina, Georgia and Texas.  That averages out to more than 20 post cards per member of UUCC.
  • Written over 1,000 Get Out the Vote letters for Vote Forward.
  • Made 100s, if not 1000s of phone calls for various UU Phone Banks for Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Texas, Florida and North Carolina, to help ensure voters are registered.
  • Partnered with CASA to send 1,000s of texts to Pennsylvania voters to help with their new and confusing Mail-In ballots.
  • Contacted dozens of colleges to ask that they commit to ensure that all eligible students can vote.
  • Supported G-MOM’s efforts to protect democracy and reduce the influence of money in politics.
  • Created webpages, posts, emails, and tweets, and hosted Zoom meetings and a Forum to provide essential information about Election Protection, Maryland Mail-In Ballots and about local issues such as the Howard County Board of Education election.

Our collective efforts have been recognized by UUSJ’s VOTE organizer in Washington, Kelsey Cowger, and by the UUA’s VOTE organizer in Pennsylvania, Rev. Cathy Rion-Starr.

Thank you UUCC for not just talking the talk, but walking the walk!


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