UUCC the Vote Recap & Next Steps

UUCC the Vote Recap & Next Steps

We launched seven UU the Vote projects at UUCC on Tuesday night, June 16. Join the over 80 people who attended the Zoom launch, and help us fight voter suppression and register voters in key districts and nearby states.  See presentation

There are the 5 activities you can participate in NOW with UUCC the Vote:

  1. The NAACP’s Reclaim Our Vote campaign has targeted districts in North Carolina where there have been egregious voter suppression efforts. You can sign up to write post cards to the affected voters to help prevent them from being purged from the voter rolls. Interested? Contact kencrandell1@gmail.com or UUCCTheVote@gmail.com .
  2. Our national UU The Vote team has partnered with Wisconsin Conservation Voices to try to prevent the purging of 129,000 voters there. Volunteer to phone bank between now and mid-July to reach out to the at-risk voters. Interested? Contact the UU organizer in Wisconsin, Nora at NRasman@uua.org .
  3. We have teamed with Vote Forward to write letters to registered voters that will be delivered in late October to remind and encourage them to vote (GOTV). You can download the and print and sign the letters now, and we will hold them until October to be mailed. The current campaign is for Florida, Georgia, Ohio and Texas. Interested? Contact krockster@yahoo.com or get instructions from https://votefwd.org/.
  4. Contact college(s) you care about to and ask them to commit to pandemic-proof plan for full student civic participation – starting with registration. A sample letter is provided by Ask Your College at uusj.net/wp1/ask-your-college for you to email. This takes only 15 minutes! Questions? Contact laurie.alderman6@gmail.com.
  5. Help get Get Money Out – Maryland petitions signed so they can be submitted to all candidates for U.S. Senate to ask them to commit to protect democracy by supporting an Amendment to overturn rulings such as Citizens United. Contact Doug Miller at beacon7712@comcast.net .

Coming Soon

  • Write post cards for a Voter Registration Drive in Virginia in July.
  • Phone banking in July and August to explain the newly available but confusing mail-in ballot system to help mobilize voters (GOTV) in Pennsylvania.
  • Eventually, we will add “feet on the street” activities, like knocking on doors and advocating with officials in Annapolis and Washington.
  • We will soon update our webpages to include partner organizations doing elections work and  “ISSUE ADVOCACY” for various social justice issues.

Contact Us

For more information on upcoming activities, contact UUCCtheVote@gmail.com.


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