Voter Registration and Mobilization

Voter Registration and Mobilization


There are over 50 million people in the US who are eligible to vote but who are not registered and many millions more of registered voters who are infrequent voters. Registering people to vote is an important way to combat voter suppression. Getting people registered, enables them to vote. Once they are on the rolls they are contacted by campaigns, they receive voter guides, and they get reminders to vote.

Two More Races To Go

Georgia’s two U.S. Senate races will be decided in runoff elections on January 5. The results will determine which party controls the Senate for the first two years of the Biden administration. Help encourage voters from historically underrepresented communities in Georgia to vote in this critical election by writing letters to them through Vote Forward. Writing letters is one of the most effective ways to increase election turnout, and you can do it right from home! Find out more at

Contact college(s) you care about to and ask them to commit to pandemic-proof plan for full student civic participation – starting with registration.  A sample letter is provided by Ask Your College at for you to email.  This takes only 15 minutes!   For questions, contact

UUCC The Vote

At UUCC, we are partnering with existing social justice and voter organizations like UUSJ, the Reeb Project, NAACP and Vote Forward. They have already researched and organized effective tactics and campaigns for targeted geographies.

The UUCC The Vote team is offering an assortment of ways to engage – starting with phone banks and post card writing, and eventually “feet on the street” projects. We are offering multiple geographies that may be of most interest to our members: local Maryland and Howard County, nearby Pennsylvania and Virginia, and even strategic states like North Carolina and Wisconsin.

Organizing meetings were held throughout May. Small voter registration “beta test” programs ran through early June. The UUCC The Vote Sunday service was on June 14.

At the official “launch” of UUCC The Vote on June 16, 2020, we described the first set of 7 projects.  You can decide which ones you want to participate in. Please join us!

If you have ideas, questions or want to get on the UUCC The Vote mailing list, please contact .


The Fair Elections Center has excellent state-specific resources for Voter Registration – just click on your state for:
• Election dates and registration deadlines
• Links for more election information
• How to register to vote
• ID requirements for registering and voting
• Links to look up your voting site
• Options to vote
• And specifically, for student voters, their option to vote at their home or campus address, and answers to common student voting questions
Get background information
Help anyone register to vote