Join the conversation now! UUCC’s Community Connections

Join the conversation now! UUCC’s Community Connections

sad no responseWhether you are tired of doom-scrolling Facebook to stay connected with UUCC, don’t have a social media account, are mourning the loss of the connections the old Yahoo group gave us, having trouble connecting with a UUCC group you are a part of, or tired of not knowing what is going on at UUCC, Realm is the place for you to get connected! And we can help you get there. 

Join UUCC’s Realm community called “UUCC Community Connections!” In 2020 we created this Realm group to better facilitate conversations in the community. We ask that, with our congregational covenant in mind, please use this as a space to facilitate community with others here at UUCC!

if you would like to join, click here!

What even is Realm? 

Realm is UUCC’s online database. It started out as the replacement for what used to be a physical directory of all UUCC members… but it has become much more than a directory. With Realm you can keep track of all of your giving to UUCC, the groups you are involved in, communicate with other community members, and much more! 

I'm lostAs a result of being involved in our community, you most likely already have a Realm account (and if you have given money virtually, you have already accessed it)! If you are having trouble with Realm, check out these FAQs. And if you are not sure whether you have a Realm account or if you are having trouble accessing your account, please email Hannah Nelson at We can work together to get connected. 

 icon-exclamation-circle BONUS! 

If you are a group leader and would like an easier way to communicate with your group, reach out to Hannah and she can help you get a Realm group started and all of your members connected! 


  1. Charles Scott

    Staying connected is an asset for community—IF participants will agree to adhere to some guidelines of civility. UUCC has a (draft) Covenant of Right Relations (CRR) that could serve our on-line community as “rules of the road.” This CRR was developed over the last eight months by a committee with a lot of congregation feedback. Please access the CRR to remind yourself how to build community, as you stay in touch. If you have suggestions or feedback about the CRR, email the committee at Thank you. Scotty, for the CRR committee.

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