UUCC’s Nominating Committee Invites Nominations through this Sunday

UUCC’s Nominating Committee Invites Nominations through this Sunday

Are you interested in helping to shape UUCC’s future? UUCC’s Nominating Committee invites Members interested in serving on either the Board of Trustees, the Nominating Committee, or the Endowment Board to inform us of their interest no later than 5pm on Sunday, March 6. Please do so either by completing it directly via Google Forms by clicking here or downloading this Word document version of the form and sending your response via email to nomcomm@uucolumbia.net.

The seats to be filled this year include the following:

Board of Trustees (3-year term)

  • 2nd Vice President
  • At-large Member

Nominating Committee (2-year term)

  • Two seats

Endowment Board (3-year term)

  • Two seats

The Board of Trustees acts on behalf of UUCC members “to see that UUCC achieves the goals of its mission statement and the Board’s Ends policies with appropriate use of its resources, and avoids unacceptable actions and situations as defined in the bylaws and these policies.” For more about what the Board does, please click here. You may click here for the job description for Board members and additional information about the Board’s governance process.

Nominating Committee. In accordance with our congregational Bylaws, the Nominating Committee consists of five members, including the immediate past president of the Board of Trustees and four members elected by UUCC Members for a term of two years. The committee’s role is to prepare a slate of candidates for the succeeding term of all offices that are due to become vacant. This includes seats on the Board of Trustees, the Endowment Board, and the Nominating Committee. The committee interviews all nominees and announces a slate of nominees at least thirty days prior to the Annual Meeting.

At the Annual Meeting, UUCC’s President calls for further nominations from the floor for each office. Nomination for any elected position may be made from the floor provided the nominee has consented. A brief statement of the nominee’s qualifications and any other pertinent facts must be presented.

The Endowment Board consists of five members elected by UUCC members. It is responsible for management and administration of any and all endowment funds of the Congregation. This includes stewardship and investment of assets, solicitation and acceptance of donations, acknowledgement of donations, maintenance of appropriate records, and determination of portions of assets for use by the Congregation. More details about the Endowment Board may be found by clicking on the UUCC Bylaws.

In community,

UUCC’s Nominating Committee
(Tim Lattimer, Amber Guthrie, Jen Siegal, Kevin Daniels, and Liam Estell)

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