Values, Mission, Ends Update

Values, Mission, Ends Update

A big THANK YOU to all who have participated in UUCC’s Values, Mission, and Ends discernment process so far! 

Together, here is what you have accomplished —

  • 16 facilitators volunteered + trained
  • 13 facilitated conversations, with two more still to come
  • 115 congregants participated in a conversation, (so far!)

Congratulations and gratitude to all. The input you’re providing will shape UUCC’s future.  

What happens now?

The Board will now work with congregational consultant Laura Park to distill your input into a proposed statement of Values, Mission, and Ends.

What do I do next? Will I get to review the draft Values, Mission, and Ends before they are finalized?

Yes! The Board will be looking for your feedback on their draft statements later this spring.


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