Virtual volunteers needed!

Virtual volunteers needed!

Please consider doing your part to keep our community connected and safe as we remain accessible to all worshipers by volunteering as a Virtual Usher.

You may have noticed that every Zoom service has a Virtual Usher who posts information in the chat for service. What you may not know is our wonderful team of Virtual Ushers also spend the service watching the service for any sign of malicious behavior, specifically keeping their eyes peeled for the internet trolls known as “Zoom Bombers”.

Since the start of the pandemic and the massive move to virtual spaces, Zoom Bombers have been known to ruin Zoom meetings big and small across the globe, including some worship services. Thanks to the good work of our Virtual Ushers and Tech volunteers, we are able to ensure that someone is prepared to act immediately if such an event were to ever occur during a worship service.

But we need more volunteers to add to our team! We would love to have at least enough volunteers so each person can choose one Sunday a month to volunteer. Please reach out to staff member Hannah Nelson ( to learn more about what it means to be a Virtual Usher and if this is a volunteer role you would like to take on.


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