Voter Registration Campaign: Ask Your College

Voter Registration Campaign: Ask Your College

While we ramp up for the formal launch of UUCC the Vote (targeting June 16), there will be some voter registration and anti-suppression opportunities where members can start participating sooner.

The first of these is the UUSJ Ask Your College campaign. Volunteers ask a college they care about to commit to actively working toward the goal of full student civic participation. You can check to see the list of over 600 colleges which are already participating. They provide two sample emails you can send, depending on whether the college is already participating or not. Very straightforward.

We are also working with the UUSJ and Reeb Project to beta test a campaign in early June to fight blatant voter suppression in targeted voting districts. That campaign will entail printing and writing post cards to the voters at risk of being improperly purged. Details to follow.

If you have questions or want more information, please check our webpage or contact


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