Voting Rights Check-in

Voting Rights Check-in

Thank you to everyone who put so much time, effort, energy and emotion towards protecting the vote and our UU democratic principles. We left it all on the field, so there should be no regrets, and we can be proud of what we did.

Yet, after Wednesday’s Senate votes, many of you probably feel as I do—a bit depressed and worried about the future of our democracy.

As Ezra Levin of Indivisible said the morning after:

“So what can we do after losing a hard fight? Here are the options:

  • We can give up.
  • We can keep building power.

That’s it. End of list.”

So we will continue to build power: with UU the Vote, with UUs for Social Justice (UUSJ), with whichever organizations continue to show up for justice. 

While they assess the new landscape and develop new strategies, I encourage all of us to pause, rest and regather our strength.  It’s been a grueling marathon, and we’ve earned it!  Plus, we’re going to need renewed energy for the next phase.


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